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Terms & Conditions

  1. Tariff - Guests should finalise the Tariff Payable before the check-in.

  2. Settlement of Bills - Bills must be settled before check-out.

  3. Company's Lien on Visitors Luggage & Belongings - In case of default in payment or dues by a guest, the management shall be entitled to a lien on the luggage and belongings and detain the same and to sell or auction such property at any time without reference to the party and appropriate the net sales proceeds towards amount due from the guests without prejudice to the Management's right to adopt such further recovery proceedings as may be required.

  4. Departure - Check out time is 11 a.m. Any guest, who retains the Huts beyond this time would be liable to pay full day's tariff or should take prior permission from the Manager.

  5. Damage to Property - Guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property caused by them, their friends or by any person for whom they are responsible.

  6. Loss of Room Key - 200/- penalty applicable.

  7. Personal Injuries to Guests/Residents - The Management shall not be responsible for any injury or ill-health resulting from the use of any of the Camp facilities or for accidents occuring within the camp premises in the course of Guests' visit/stay.

  8. Personal Servants/Drivers - Any stay required would be payable along with the meals.

  9. Pets - We welcome the pets and adore their presence.

  10. Plucking of fruits - Penalty of 2000/-

  11. Management's Right - The management reserves to itself the absolute right of admission to any person into the Camp premises and to request any guest to vacate when requested to do so. In case of default, the management will be entitled to remove the luggage and belongings of the visitors from the Huts occupied by the guest and lock the hut.

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